Alaska Ciderworks is an employee owned business located in Talkeetna, Alaska. It was established in 2016 alongside Alaska Meadery by craft driven vintners.

Although one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, cider fell out of fashion after prohibition and only recently has the craft cider movement gained momentum. Alaska Ciderworks endeavors to contribute to this artisanal cider renaissance by producing crisp and refreshing ciders that are as delicious as they are innovative.

With the continuous growth and development of our Orchard and Farm, Alaska Ciderworks strives to produce ‘branch to bottle’ craft beverages.

Alaska Ciderwork’s Northwind Cider is a semi-sweet, clean, crisp and favorably aromatic. Seasoned cider drinkers will be gratified by its natural apple crispness that is intrinsic to a well-crafted cider and enjoy its harmonious balance of tart apple, slight tempering sweetness and hints of mango. This sessionable cider is fermented with champagne yeast lending it a delightful effervescence reminiscent of a brisk autumn day, but to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Alaska Ciderwork’s Backcountry Cider is dry hopped and deliciously flavor packed. The Cascade hops contributes a fresh, citrus flavor that compliments the natural apple crispness intrinsic to all well-crafted ciders. The earthy and sweetly tart aroma of the Golding Hops works to compliment and elevate the cider’s naturally dry characteristics making this cider is a brightly unique and delightful experience.

Alaska Ciderwork’s Mango cider is a very well balanced tropical cider, with notes of Mango Guava, Pineapple, and citrus. This cider is semi-sweet but also has a nice dry finish.

This Mango Cider is the 2020 Golden Carboy winner. Each year we host a homebrew contest in Talkeetna and whoever wins get their recipe scaled up and brewed on our 30 barrel system. In an unprecedented victory, this winning recipe was the first to take the Golden Carboy that was not a beer. 1st place recipe was brewed by homebrewer Christophe Venot from Anchorage, Alaska.

Seasonal Ciders